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When designer Carmen Marc Valvo comes to town there’s only one place you’ll find me…Neiman Marcus!  Who better than to accompany me than my fashion conscious partner in crime-my dear mother of course!

I first fell head over stiletto heels for Valvo’s designs at a fashion show at the Dallas Market in 2004 while scouting dresses for the Miss Texas pageant.  Later that year I was fortunate enough to meet Valvo at Neiman Marcus in Houston.  Never could I imagine how down to earth and so very helpful he could be.  He’s not your typical celebrity by any means, very real and charming.  He makes you feel important, no matter if you’re a VIP or a girl from the country like me!

  The first time I met him I spent the day trying every dress that Neimans had in his evening wear collection, that is until he decided I needed to meet his couture line.  Can you say fashion bliss? I can!  I walked away with a pink chiffon and beaded skirt paired with a pink top that was embellished with silk chiffon roses.  I also found the dress I had dreamt about since the day I spotted it on the runway in Dallas. It’s the only piece of clothing I own that has its own name! I call her “Flowy” because of the way the fabric seems to flow and glide like the wind.  It’s still my personal favorite alongside my wedding dress, which was another piece Valvo had a part in.    “Flowy” along with my other Valvo dresses  are kept hanging inside their own garment bags awaiting my return for what Valvo calls ” many more red carpet moments.”   Let’s hope!


Carmen Marc Valvo is an avid supporter of the National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance.  Proceeds of his new book, The Art of Dressing For Your Red Carpet Moments, go to colon cancer research and awareness. 

Dressed to Perfection: The Art of Dressing for Your Red Carpet Moments

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