Return to the Midcoast of Maine

Most people go South for warmer weather during their Spring time get-away.  Not us, we go North–to Maine.  We brave the near negative temps for a  week to take in all that we miss… friends, food, fun, farm life and the making of fabulous memories in Vacationland.  Possibly we’ll have our own slice of Maine next year 😉

sunset over new england




40 Paper Camden


Coastie friends


Willow Bake Shoppe




Acadia National Park









colored cottages


Belgian Horses


Belfast Maine waterfall


vinland portland maine






50 acre Forever Farm  The Pear’s 50 acre Forever Farm

 Maine snowy road


Until then…



PS… special thanks to the Joyful Coasties, Burgess family, Momma Kitty and Oyster River farm peeps for making our Spring break memorable! We miss you all.

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