servez-vous to sweetness

The Chef happily slaved away in the kitchen today so that this neglected blog could get a fresh post of sweetness.  He pulled out his mother’s favorite recipes–a strawberry pretzel salad dessert and the ever-so-coveted brownie toffee bars.  They’re only seen at Christmas time around these parts.  Though I believe the Coasties he cooks for might see them at least monthly.  Can’t be for sure though.   The leftovers never seem to make their way home.  

Then out of the wild blue yonder he unexpectedly whips up an almond macaron batter!  Without hesitation I ran to the cupboard, shuffled around in the top cabinet behind what remains of my last few boxes of Twinings Thé Vanille to find my dear Ladurée Marie Antoinette tea.  He knew all along what he was going to make.  A pastel aqua blue cookie with a perfectly perfumed tea infused buttercream… my heart melted.  He seriously knows how to read my mind before I even know what I’m thinking.  

So without further ado… servez-vous to the sweetness of this Sunday.     

strawberry pretzel salad desset

brownie toffee bar

a break in between the trips to the overn...ginger beer, rum, meyer lemon

a break in between the trips to the oven…ginger beer, rum, meyer lemon

Laduree Marie Antoinette macaron

Laduree Marie Antoinette macarons

a very old table cloth of my great-grandmothers... servez-vous!

a very old table cloth that belonged to my great-grandmother who married a Frenchman

Interested in one of these recipes?  Send us a message, we’ll be happy to pass along.



11 thoughts on “servez-vous to sweetness

  1. The photos look awesome and food looks delicious. Could you forward all the recipes including the drink. We just got back from Puerto Rico and have a nice bottle of rum to use:) Best to you both.

  2. Your Paris trip friend Madeleine was just in my office & we were talking about you. So I pulled up your blog from my email. Love the pictures of lusciousness! She says I need to friend you on FB so please friend me back! I would love the strawberry pretzel recipe…not likely to attempt macarons! Although your pics & the Martha Stewart cover do create a longing for Laudree! June!!

    • Hi Debe! I friend-ed you back 😉 So you’re off to Paris in June? How fabulous! I’m sure miss Madeleine has filled you in on all the must see places, if it’s your first time.
      I’ll forward the strawberry pretzel salad recipe on to ya once I get home and ask the Chef!
      Thanks for visiting the blog…do share with all your friends.

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