Want to be Moved?

If there’s one documentary you should watch this month, make it Blackfish by Gabriela Cowperthwaite.  In fact, it’s airing tonight on CNN at 9:00 ET.   You’ll think twice before buying another ticket to see wild animals “perform.”  Hopefully, you never have!

Most of my friends on Facebook probably think I’ve gone mental –continually promoting an awareness of Orcas and other marine life held captive for profit.  I’ve even spread my enlightenment to the classroom– urging my 4th graders to watch the film, after parental approval of course.  Their initial reaction to the trailer was epic.  Let’s just say, they aren’t fans of SeaWorld anymore.

orca captivity


No Captive Orca


captive orca


no captive orca


ban Sea World


no orca in captivity


orcas in captivity letter

Want to be moved?


blackfish poster

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Orca Network



tillyHe’s not the only one that needs freedom.  Lolita is another that’s even more urgent.


Peace and Humanity,


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