We’re Back

Over a month without a new post…the blog police should STOP us for delinquency!  I promise we’re coming back to the blog sphere!

a stop in life

Now that we have settled in the familiar, I’m hoping the posts will begin to flow more freely.  I just know those who follow the Pear feel like we’ve left them all alone.  Much like the fireplug the Chef and I found yesterday while exploring the far east end of Galveston.  There’s no reason to place a fireplug in the middle of nowhere,  unless of course they use it to water the pretty yellow flowers that stand next to it.

lonely fireplug

Thank goodness the weather finally got a clue that it’s autumn.  We can now go out to play—step up our photography, and food excursions.  It’s seriously no fun when it’s 90+ degrees out.

You can catch our foodie adventures on our Facebook page–we post more regularly about what we discover when we’re out and about.

Otherwise our food day at home is Sunday–  I give the Chef a break during the week since he’s cooking for the Coasties of the USCGC Manta, but Sunday is my day to be food spoiled.

Rosemary Baked Chicken with wild rice and ratatouille.

rosemary baked chicken

Our cat, Mr. Kitty, has become completely rotten thanks to my dear parents.  Two years with them and he now has a seat at the table, or so he thinks!   What are grandparents for, right?

Kitty at the table


rosemary baked chickenYesterday was a gorgeous day for exploring.

blue skies

We found ourselves on the ferry to Bolivar island and next to a couple who obviously didn’t listen to the directions from the ferry captain–feeding seagulls is only permitted at the back of the ferry.  Thanks to their ignorance, I was able to snap some shots before they were told to move.

flying double

feeding the gullsCheck out that seagull’s gaze on the bread…I love the look of determination.

The Chef captured these on the ferry ride home.  A Brown Pelican just hanging out.

pelican perchThese two have their feathers in a ruffle 😉

ruffled feathersCouples

Birds in Pairs This was a total mess-up that in my opinion works.  I’m really loving how it looks! What do you think?  The Chef gets the credit.  Van Gogh meets Edgar Allen Poe’s the Raven???

Blue RavenThen came twilight…our photo assignment we’ve given to ourselves.   We traveled to the Galveston Island state park to see what would be stirring in the few minutes before the sun said goodbye on a gorgeous Saturday.

high-lines at twilight

west end oak

twilight bird in flightJust as we returned home the grand finale took place–the Harvest Moon appeared! It took me a few frustrated minutes to figure out how to capture the darkened craters, but I got it!  No tripod needed!

Harvest Moon over Galveston

Harvest Moon Galveston

So, now that we’re back from the oblivion…We do hope you come visit and share you’re thoughts!



2 thoughts on “We’re Back

  1. Glad to know your back in the groove. George and I are getting married in a few weeks! Colvin is the ring bearer. I am sure you get some FB notices soon. Best to you and Chef!

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