Remembering Marie Antoinette

When the Queen departed France…219 years ago today  She descended from a loved Dauphine to a despised Queen….

I like to remember her when she was loved…hence the reblog of her entrance into in France.

Marie Antoinette birthday cake

Something for my dearest Antoinette— a little late in posting, but I’ve been preoccupied with agonizing over another era–20th century WWI.

“Covering her eyes, sometimes with her handkerchief and sometimes with her hands, now and then putting her head out of the carriage to take another look at the palace of her ancestors which she was never more to enter—Vienna receded in the far distance.  Antoinette was on her way into a new life.”

Today marks an event which changed the course of history for not only one helpless individual but an entire nation, the world—and if I may–*my history*.    May 7, 1770 was the official “handing over” day or remise for Archduchess Marie Antoinette.  Never could she have imagined that when her silken slippers touched French soil, and left the neutral ground which lay in the middle of the Rhine, the divider between the two realms, that her life would…

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