Nature’s Confetti Today in History

fall leavesArriving home today I was greeted with a lovely mess of confetti on our front porch…not your regular confetti, oh no…nature’s confetti.  It’s the best kind.  Leaves of gold, yellow, orange and red littered my doorstep.  When I looked around the corner, there all perfectly strewn about the yard was again more of nature’s lovely mess.  As I sat there on the porch taking in this brilliant display of color I thought about the date.  My oh my–what an unusual date… 10-11-12.

confetti leaves

Naturally the history instinct took over and in I went determined to find what possibly could have taken place 100, 200, or 300 years ago on 10-11-12–leaving nature to clean the mess it had created on my front porch.

So..what happened today in history, and this is all thanks to the website: What Day of the Week.

A person born on this day will be 100 years old today. If that same person saved a Cent every day starting at age 6, then by now that person has accumulated $343.34 today…seriously, that’s it?

If you had started saving on this day in 1812, you would only have $715.88 and be a living miracle!  

Now, here’s an even better one–if you had saved a Dollar every day beginning at age 6 in 1712, you would have a whooping $107,382.00 and…be considered a time traveler from the future because the Dollar didn’t exist in 1712!   These are all absurd I realize, but fun. 

On a more serious note–on this day in 1912 (an aspect of history I should probably know)–the Greek Army liberated the city of Kozani during the First Balkan War (no idea where Kozani is, do you?).  Little did they know the Balkans would ignite again in 2 years and have the entire world ablaze!

I’d like to think that nature left a surprise for us to discover and that in itself was an entry in our personal history book.  What about your day???  Did it make history?

autumn leaves

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