Blog Promises

5 days into the New Year and I’m making some promises.  Over the last few months the blog has been somewhat neglected due to my lack of motivation and creativity.  The spark just wasn’t there…hmm I wonder why?  However, that’s all changing.  After dedicating the last few hours to reviewing our million or so photos from the summer in Paris, the spark returned and now it’s a blazing fire!  Paris has a mysterious way of giving one a good shot of inspiration.

Blogs I promise to write soon…

Ghost Metro Obsession

Chateaux Infatuation 

World Wars 

Check out the crosses in the sky...

Chance Happenings

Varennes, France

 *Sheeps* of France ;P

So come back soon—you don’t want to miss these!

2 thoughts on “Blog Promises

  1. I LOVE the one with the crosses in the sky. It’s an awesome picture and of course it brought tears to my eye’s because God is good that way. What a blessing to have that show up on y’all journey.

    • Isn’t that remarkable? We didn’t notice it until we were reviewing the pictures. We had been to many WWI cemeteries that day and this one (The American Cemetery) was the most beautiful…naturally we were a little biased.

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