Fun With Signs

Traveling by foot is the main mode of transport for the Chef and I… not because we don’t like mass transit (my new infatuation is the metro…I used to loathe it–but more on that in another post) however when hoofing it you can see sooo much more.  You can stop and gaze in wonderment.

My second newest intrigue besides the metro–neon signs (yeah really), are the signs that make you think, make you look and say..hmm. Usually they are pretty straightforward–others are puzzling.  Here are a few we captured on our walk yesterday.  Can you guess the store associated with each?  One’s a little tricky.

New frames?

Haircut, internet, make a phone call and get your bike worked on or buy one!

woof woof…

I have no clue…I was looking at the sign and not the store!

8 thoughts on “Fun With Signs

  1. Isn’t Paris just full of inspirational things! I love the metro for some wildly odd reason. My interest lies underground where the giant metal worm beasts live. If only I could go exploring on foot I’d be one happy girl!

  2. You interviewed him!!! I’ve read just about everything on his blog as well as his buddies. Those guys are nuts and awesome at the same time!! The places they’ve been in Paris is incredible. To the top of the Pantheon and the Opera…who knows where else. I would sooooo love to join them underground.

  3. Ha! I didn’t realize it was on rue Vavin where I stayed for 3 glorious weeks and return to for the Kodak store…tanks

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