Falling for Autumn

It’s been a long while since I’ve experienced the season of fall properly.   The first signs of fall along the southern coasts of Texas is when HEB or Kroger unloads the pumpkins and even then it’s hard to get into the spirit when temperatures are still 80 degrees or above.  Living along the latitude lines that actually experience seasonal changes is amazing.  It brings back memories of my childhood living in the country in central Texas long before climate change was discussed by political parties or at the dinner table.  It was when Texas actually experienced seasons–or at least we seemed to.

The Chef and I have been visiting the Jardin du Luxembourg everyday to witness the fast transformation from summer into fall  that is happening all around us.  To our amazement, about mid August the trees slowly began casting off their leaves.  Do they know something we don’t?  It would seem as such.

The Chef and I watch the Parisians, capture moments with photos and stroll through the fallen leaves–like moths drawn to the light–we can’t get enough.  The cool breezes that send orange, yellow and brown leaves tumbling across our toes is making us fall in love with…Fall! Or as they say here…Autumn.    You can see for yourself how one can become completely smitten…




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