Seriously…Life Can’t Be A Fairy Tale?

In a city with so many multisensory stimuli ( who knows where I pulled that language from–the teacher in me won’t let go) I’ve found it hard to comment on just one thing.  It’s not that we don’t have anything to blog about, but rather just the opposite–we have an overload of things to blog about.  Where to even begin is too complex.

So perhaps I will try—Over the past 2 weeks we’ve met many new friends, learned how to navigate (somewhat) and pretty much adjusted to living in a densely populated city.  However, more importantly we have come to realize that we are no longer tourists but new inhabitants to an ancient city so rich in human history and yet so magically unique.

A little of that Paris magic worked it’s way into our lives–as this week we experienced a transition–the Chef is now employed!  That’s remarkable given he was here just 2 weeks!  He was offered a position at Citrus Etoile and is now training with Michelin Star Chef Gilles Epie.  Just so the Chef knew the route to work we made a trial run the night before.  Situated just off the Champs-Élysées–this restaurant oozes chicness.

Take a close look at the bowl complete with gold fish.

Secondly, a dream which I never expected would or could happen is hopefully going to be realized–the Château de Versailles is hosting a Marie Antoinette styled masked ball..called Le Carnaval de Versailles on July 9th.  Yep, some Parisian fairy sprinkled her fairy dust and voilà….Elissa is going to the ball.  Now I’ve become Cinderella—except I don’t have a dozen mice and some sparrows making my dress…Nor do I have a fairy godmother!! For the past few days I’ve been on the hunt for matching Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette costumes.  Speaking limited French is a pain but when you’re on a mission such as I am, no language barrier is going to stand in the way! If I can’t find them in Paris then they might as well not exist.  Today while on a reconnaissance mission (scouting/exploring) on my own for a costume shop I ended up in the part of Paris definitely off the tourist path.  Where the heck were my fairies?  Tomorrow is another day and hopefully I will find my costumes.

Other than that bit of news…here is a look at Paris through our eyes….

Enjoying the shade under the oldest tree in Paris--she's should have a sign that reads "Releasing oxygen since the 17th century."

Pixel art we are always on the look out for.

Another one that's just way out there

Our staple food items...

3 thoughts on “Seriously…Life Can’t Be A Fairy Tale?

  1. Great pics…what color!!! Good luck finding your costumes can’t wait for those pics. Looks as though you 2 are having quite an experience. Keep us updated as time permits. Love You!!!

  2. Wow! Sounds like the two of you are settling in with ease! I can’t wait to hear how your husband scored a job so quickly, and how you scored an invitation to the ball! AND you have survived the first heat wave. Bien fait!

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