A Week in Review

  As I sit here comfy and cozy on my couch listening to the gentle pitter-patter of the rain, which has been falling all day, I think about the week that is about to come to a close.   Matt began his new job this week in Houston at Philippe Restaurant + Lounge  near the Galleria.  From what he has said, it sounds like it’s going to be a wonderful culinary experience for him.  Serving a variety of French dishes, this is exactly what he is most passionate about!

It was also this week that I completed my two graduate classes on the 18th-19th century and the Napoleonic Era.  Yesterday, I worked diligently on my final papers, adding just enough finesse to make them perfect! Napoleon and all the philosophers of last 3 centuries are going back to the history books.   From now on they are only allowed to come out when I need them too!

Matt and I finally finished our applications to the American University of Paris and will be mailing them off this week.  We’ll be waiting with bated breath to know if we’ve been accepted.  I’m going to remain optimisic until I know differently!

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