Sole Meunière…The Quintessential French Dish

Sole Meunière is a classic French dish consisting of a handful of basic ingredients.  Known as Julia Child’s first meal in France and most exciting meal of her life, Sole Meunière is basically a quick and effortless staple supper in France.   Meunière means “Millers Style” which is in reference to the flour.  For this take on Sole Meunière a whole flounder was used instead of the European Dover sole fish.  It’s really a matter of preference or availability as to the choice of fish.

Red Snapper and Trout

When selecting our dinner choices this evening we headed down to the local fishmongers at Pier 19 in downtown Galveston.  We found the freshest choices at Katie’s Seafood Market who offer many fish varieties-including red snapper, flounder, grouper, trigger fish and trout.  To accompany our fish this evening we decided on blanched asparagus.

Want to try this easy dish yourself?  Look to the Recipe page! Enjoy!

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