Vinegar and Spice and all things nice…wait what?

I believe the original rhyme goes “sugar and spice and all things nice.  That’s what little girls are made of.”  A popular 19th century nursery rhyme titled What are Little Boys Made Of?  
So what’s with the random rhyme?  Well Little Pear (who happens to be full of vinegar and spice as of late) and I made our way to downtown Astoria this afternoon for a meetup with our friends of the local Columbia River Babywearing Club.  The choice spot for our meeting, a visit to Pat’s Pantry, a locally sourced spice shop that carries unique blends of vinegars, gourmet salts, sugars, oils and condiments.  Right up The Traveling Pear’s alley.  Columbia River Babywearing Club
Our fearless Babywearing leader, Cristina (pictured with red scarf), had made arrangements for us Mommies to partake in a vinegar tasting session, complimented with cheese and bread.  Pat, the owner, demonstrated and discussed the various uses for these unique blends.  Many were served with mineral water and would have been quite nice over ice.  My favorite was the habanero mango…delish! This is one shop the Chef and I had yet to explore.  So glad Little Pear and I made the trip, even though she fussed her little head off, we still made the best of it.
Pat's Pantry Astoria Oregon


Pat's Pantry Astoria Oregon

sugar collage

Little Pear and I brought home a sampling of cooking salts…lavender, fleur de sel, french salt (which has herbs de Provence mixed within) and none other than the Chef’s favorite, truffle salt.  The sugars were calling my name as well.  Guess there’s always a next time!   
That’s all for now from the Pacific Northwest… 
Megler Bridge Astoria Oregon

Megler Bridge Astoria Oregon



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