The Best of 2013

Tomorrow marks the Pear’s 3rd blog birthday!  It’s incredible to think about the full circle we’ve made in those 3 years…Texas>France>Maine>Texas>???.  It’s even more amazing to think about all the friends and experiences we’ve made along that journey…and the ones that are awaiting to be made.

Here’s a look back at the priceless moments of 2013…

snow hearthad a love affair with snow

PicMonkey Collage4

braved a blizzard named Nemo

above the clouds

unexpected friendships in unexpected places…10,000 ft over New England


fell for a Belgian named Don

sunlit tulips

discovered a new passion… and launched a new business:


chased the French countryside in search of…

Home of the Chambord Liqueur Royale de France


abandoned chateau france

market Collage

Chef at Niort market

local cuisine

Eleanor of Aquitaine

dead royals

cognac avec du Schweppes

cognac avec Schweppes


a new place for the French Market Maven to call home


created Chasing French History

Marie Antoinette's theater stage

chased Marie Antoinette with friend Madeleine 


played farm

She can't be disturbed.

Goat cheese and honey

made cheese


red tulips

was awed by the beauty of spring time in Maine

yellow flower


Oyster River Winery


road-tripped through Texas

Texas Longhorns

The Traveling Pear enjoying our weekend ritual.  Breakfast at Home Kitchen Cafe in Rockland.

The Traveling Pear enjoying our weekend ritual. Breakfast at Home Kitchen Cafe in Rockland.

made it to the pages of the Down East Magazine

Maine island

had a Maine island adventured with true Mainers



Kitty Kat

was reunited with our Kitty

Kitty at the table

cowboy boots Austin

found our way back home to Texas

orca captivity

became an Orca advocate

And made it another year as a blog!

Thanks for traveling along with us.  We expect 2014 to be epic.  A trip back to Maine, California and Washington state (to chase down our adopted orca name Ocean Sun– yes, you read that correctly..we adopted an orca.) and then a month trek through Spain, France and Italy with the Dollbuckets.   Yeah, you don’t want to miss all that!  Keep the faith…and keep in touch.



Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “The Best of 2013

  1. My Favorite Pear! Your photos are so breathtaking. The one of the French countryside – with the blue sky, fluffy clouds, long road, and fields – makes me want to dive right in! The color and casual close-ups speak volumes. Thanks for providing food for my eyes. Can’t wait to see you in Maine again soon! Happy New Year, Kitty Cats!

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