6 weeks

Just six weeks left in Maine…oh how the days are quickly passing by.  It’s now down to doing every Maine adventure possible…

Weekends at the camp/lake cabin with our Joy-ful Coastie friends…

Maine lake


July 4th fun…

4th of July


Maine sunset

Counting down the sunsets…

Maine sunset bar harbor

Marveling at the abundance of fireflies….


And starry nights…  This is the view from the porch of our Joy-ful Coastie friends who live near Bar Harbor, Maine.  Above fireflies are also seen from their porch.  I’m so jealous!

night sky

More time at our adopted farm Oyster River Winery…

Oyster River Winegrowers Belgian horse Don

Oyster River Winery


Oyster River WinerySavoring our favorite wine…Villager red and white by Brian @ Oyster River Winegrowers

Oyster River WinerySaying good bye to the peonies…can’t find these darlings in Texas


We chased a little Maine history—FoundAbbie Burgess, the amazingly brave 19th- century woman who took on many a wicked Maine Nor’easter alone to keep her lighthouse lit so ships could make it safe to shore….namesake of the USCGC Abbie Burgess.  Her final resting place is the most peaceful setting one can imagine.  A clearing within a forest where daffodils bloom and birds sing without abandon.  As the Chef said, it’s the perfect place to buried…calm, beautiful, serene.   Read about her here:  http://www.uscg.mil/history/people/Abbie_Burgess.asp

Abbie Burgess grave

To find the cemetery go down HWY 73 out of South Thomaston Maine. Look for Forest Hill Cemetery sign.


And on to Galveston…who knew we could come full circle in exactly 2 years time?

Galveston West End

sunset over galveston bay

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