following the backroads of Texas

Doing a little Texas roadtripping while home… here’s a look through the Chef’s lens as we chased down Blue Bell ice cream, rolling green hills, Shiner Bock, and good ole’ Texas BBQ.


small texas town


Texas Longhorns


texas classic cars




Texas wildflowers


Texas pony barn




wild grasses


texas lantana


hay fields


texas cactus


Shiner Bock



And after the Chef departed for the Northeast, I took to the roads myself.  Visiting the original Dollbuckets (a feisty group of elementary teachers that really rocked the schools years of 2009-2011) in Galveston.




Then on to The Woodlands to meet my Chasing French History soul sister, Madeleine-Important to Madeleine Blog and her extremely talented and smart (she’s going to NYU for a law degree–wow!) daughter Micah–who also happens to be a horse lover too! She’s so crazy about the four legged creatures that she even owns one…a gorgeous Holsteiner filly named Esprit de Liberté or Lanie for short.  Lanie’s momma, Lady Liberty or just Liberty, is a jumping horse, just like Lanie will be one day!  These girls are much different than my stud muffin Don at Oyster River!  I’d bet he would think they’re cute 😉


Holsteiner Horse

Holsteiner Horse jumping

Holsteiner Horse jumping



This weekend looks like Abilene is one the agenda.  What about you?  Any roadtrips planned now that school is winding down?






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