land of color within a gloomy haze

From my bedroom window on the second floor of the Chateau du Park, here in South Texas, I glance West at the setting sun.  A sun that’s been gloomily blocked by a haze of gray smoke from the roaring fires deep in central Mexico.  It’s been nearly a week since I’ve even seen the beauty of a Texas sunset, much less the beauty of a Texas baby blue sky because of the haze.  Not to mention the temperatures here are already 90F+  Makes me long for the crisp cool breezes and azure blue skies of Maine, where my Chef  flew home to last Saturday.  Coming home is always a joy, yet splitting the Pear isn’t.  So to brighten my spirits on our few weeks apart my mind drifts back to our walk around Rockland, which had become a land of tulips when we left on the 11th.  Though I hear it’s quite gloomy there too.  Just days upon days of rain.  Guess no where is perfect.

Now, as of last Spring I was a peony girl.  I have been known to snag one or two from my neighbor’s yard….nothing noticeable. Just enough to splash color across our kitchen table yet not enough to be arrested 😉

This year I’m a tulip girl.  Until Maine, I had never seen a tulip growing in the ground.  That may sound unbelievable, but when you’ve been raised in the land of hot, hotter and hottest–cold weather flowers such as these don’t just spring forth from the Earth by themselves.  Nope, you go down to the local florist, grocery or Wal-Mart (yuck) and buy them wrapped in cellophane– isn’t that just laughable?

So here are the beauties, along with other colorful blossoms, that I’m sure will be gone by the time I return home in a few weeks.  Oh well…it will be peony time by then!

tulips and white picked fence


maine tulip


red tulips

fluffy dog


blue skies

yellow flower


Maine bee

blooming tree

red tulips

red tulips

pink magnolia

Even though the fires in Central Mexico have blocked my Texas sunset, there’s still beauty to be found.  More to come tomorrow.



Texas sunset

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