Traveling Pear goes country

We’re on a farm people!  A real farm-cation or farm stay.  Did you know such a thing was possible?  Check out this blog and you’ll see it’s becoming a trend.  Or go to Farm Stays US–they have an interactive map that details where farms are located across the U.S., how to make reservations, what to expect and so much more.  Unreal! A whole new way to plan a family vacation.

So this post isn’t going to be very long, cause there’s plenty of chores to do and beautiful landscapes to explore.  Here’s the quick version–there’s a horse, two goats (one who gets milked!), a half-dozen chickens, a few cats (though we’ve only see one, but have cleaned the litter for what looks to be three), abundance of wildlife–including woodpeckers, finches, turkeys and who knows what else….and the best part of it all—there’s a vineyard too!  Which means lots and lots of wine.



Chef making a fire for the night.

Chef making a fire for the night.

kitty in the window

red barn

Evening dinner

Evening dinner

Any ideas on what kind of bird this is?

Any ideas on what kind of bird this is? Woodpecker? 

She can't be disturbed.

She can’t be disturbed.

sunset walk


Afternoon rain shower

Afternoon rain shower

chickens on the farm

apples for the horse

apples for the horse

Organic pizza and oh my goodness good tomatoes!

Organic pizza and oh my goodness good tomatoes!



vineyard at sunset

vineyard at sunset


Another day has ended on the farm...time for bed

Another day has ended on the farm…


There will be more, until then…





9 thoughts on “Traveling Pear goes country

  1. Yes, woodpecker! Beautiful pictures but you have to clean a litter box on vacation?? Could be worse, love kitties myself. You sure have an interesting life! This is Madeleine’s friend, Debe!

    • I figured it was a woodpecker because of the beak, but wasn’t sure. I’ve been hearing knocking lately in the trees. Guess it’s them! And yes, there’s cat box cleaning…part of the job. My husband, the Chef, has even been repairing the fences and made a new door to the goat barn! We love the country and want a place of our own one day.
      Thanks for stopping by Debe.

  2. LOVE homegrown tomatoes. Will you take pictures of Micah’s horse when you’re here? Lots of photo opps at a barn. There will even be two new babies. Have fun on your farm-cation.

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