A Little Leaf Peeping & Parisienne Farmgirl News

There’s no doubt that fall is upon us here in Maine.  Everyday I find the trees and shrubs are a little more vividly colored, yet a little less leaved but always a little more beautiful than the day before.  We’ve officially become what New Englander’s like to call “Leaf Peepers“–yeah funny, right? There’s even a “Dos and Don’t etiquette guide for peeping on the leaves and an entire website dedicated to the act!  It’s even listed in the dictionary!!  Look it up..”leaf peeper” Twilight Zone??? I think so!  We’ve never experienced a true season change such as this–nope, never.  Yeah, we’re Texans–so leaf peepers we’ve become.  So when one sees a tree a blaze of orange and yellow or red, it’s like we’ve spotted sasquatch–which if you think about it, could happen too. 😉

Leaf Peeper New England

Gone are the days of shorts and sandals, but that’s just fine.  Fall days in Maine can be just as fun as those of summer.  We’ve got so many adventures ahead– apple picking at Hope Orchards, maybe a hike up to Shawnee Peak with an overnight in a Yurt or possibly a day of chasing Maine’s covered bridges.  Whatever we decide it’s gonna be gorgeous!


fall leaves

What’s your favorite fall activity?  Pumpkin pickin?  Cornfield Maze?

And in other news…The holiday issue of The Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine is now available.  Subscribe today and see what’s trending in French inspired lifestyles…oh and don’t forget…the Chasing Chateaux column 😉

Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine

4 thoughts on “A Little Leaf Peeping & Parisienne Farmgirl News

  1. Autumn is my absolute favorite season, which leads up to my next favorite season because of snowboarding! Love nothing more than switching gears to boots, sweaters, and Pumpkin Spice Latte! I do especially love Central Park out here in the fall season.

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