Celebrating La Joie de Vivre with Belle Inspiration Magazine

Hey everyone!  Hope your Friday and weekend is off to a great start.  The Chef and I are excited to announce The Traveling Pear will be featured in the lovely online publication Belle Inspiration, a magazine that truly understands the meaning of “La Joie de Vivre.”  Headquartered in the fairytale city of Paris, Belle Inspiration offers English readers a luxury vacation to Europe without the hassle of ever leaving home. 

Belle Inspiration LOGO

Subscribe to Belle Inspiration today and see how The Traveling Pear combines the culinary richness of France with the seasonal harvests of coastal Maine to create recipes that are not only classic and delish…but deeply historical.

Take a peek…

Lobster ThermidorBlueberry galette

4 thoughts on “Celebrating La Joie de Vivre with Belle Inspiration Magazine

    • This recipe was so darn easy it could be whipped up in no time…1am…no problem! Just Google a galette and you’ll get loads of recipes. Or you could subscribe to Belle Inspiration and get this one 😉

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