One day there will be…

One day there will be…land which we can roam, dotted with sheep, fluffy as foam.

rolling green hills and sheep

One day there will be…a morning I awake and find a breakfast I will take, filled with pastries my Chef will have baked.

french breakfast

One day there will be…a chateau built not merely for me, but for others to enjoy for only a small fee.  Inside there will be the most dazzling of decor, gathered from distant shores the Chef and his Princess did explore.

French chateau

antique furnishings

One day there will be….a table so brilliantly refined–linens, crystal, silver and other riches all so elegantly divine.

One day there will be…a path that leads the Pear to this place.   Until then, we are content to dream about the future and the life we are so surely to embrace.

This our my dream…

Click the picture and watch the reflection.

4 thoughts on “One day there will be…

  1. Hey Elissa,
    Great poem! It’s so inspirational the way you stay connected to your dream(s) while you work towards making them come true. I look forward to staying at your B&B someday and eating more of those heavenly mango chips with mint. Such a treat! And don’t get me started on the loveliness of those little cookies your Chef made yesterday. Thank you!
    – Michelle from downstairs

  2. I sure wish I could have gotten to know you more personally while you were here. I can’t tell you HOW much I enjoy your post. I have quit a few I have to catch up on, but when I do I enjoy them so much.
    Thank you Mrs. Shaw your awesome

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