The Waiting Game

I’ve never been too thrilled about being roused out of bed at 5:30 am on a Monday by my Blackberry, but Monday morning it was as if I had climbed a mountain and had reached the summit.  Why? Our applications had arrived to the office of admissions at the American University of Paris and the reliable UPS was letting me know!  One obstacle behind us (I hope).

Thank you for arriving on time.

1 month and $216.00 later (application fees transferred to Euros and UPS shipping charges for a mailer envelope) we now have to hurry up and wait.  Wait for the “thumbs up” you’ve both been accepted or the dreaded “Denied” you have to reapply in the spring.  I’m going to be optimistic.  Positive thoughts only! 

For the next two weeks I’m going to re-acquaint myself with Ms. Rosetta Stone.  Lately she’s been making those depressing beeping sounds when she cannot hear me correctly, which usually upsets me to the point of yelling at her.  This causes her to get even with me by freezing my computer–so I give up.   Personally, I think she and the microphone need to work something out, because I’m speaking perfect French 😉  Je ne sais!

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